Guitar Blog 8 - July 21, 2008 - Hammer On/Pull Off

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Back after a one week Hiatus! There was no video last week because what I was practicing was the same as the week before.

This week we moved on to something a bit more advanced, Hammer-On and Pull off.

A hammer on is when you play two notes in a row on the same string, but only pick the string once. For the first note, you pick, and for the second note, you “hammer” your finger onto the string at the new fret while the first note is still ringing.

A pull off is the same idea, but in reverse. You finger a note and pick the string, and then while it’s still ringing you pull your finger off the string (plucking it slightly) so that it makes a new note.

Both techniques allow you to play notes faster with less picking effort. It also makes the notes blend together differently, which keeps things interesting.