Guitar Blog

In June 2008 I started learning how to play the Guitar. These are some movies relating to that. The original idea was to make a weekly movie showing what I learned in my latest lesson, so that I would have a bit of a record as to the progress I was making. As we all know, it's hard to notice change when it happens gradually

That plan changed when it became a fair amount of work to make a weekly video, and (more importantly) there started to be not a lot of new stuff to actually relate. Plans were to make a bi-monthly video but since that time things have sort of conspired to stop that from happening. For example I am no longer taking formal lessons.

Sometime in the middle of May 2010 I altered the guitar portion of the movie site to split the movies into several different categories of guitar movies. Since then, this section only contains bloggy type movies.

There may or may not be any more movies to come in this category (except for special occasions like Christmas and such).