Yesterday: The Butchering

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So lately I've learning to play the song Yesterday by The Beatles. For the nerdy, this arrangement is in G but Paul plays it in F. Also it’s arranged for a solo guitar and is all simplistic so that n00bs like me can play it.

This was meant to be an unseen test run of a video that I was going to make next week, but I discovered while trying to record this one that my video camera doesn’t like you to put tapes in it any more, which makes it difficult to use it to record things.

So this is recorded with just a regular digital camera using poor lighting and a substandard audio setup. More substandard than usual!

Also it has an annoying fuzzy looking Fretboard in the top right corner while I'm playing that shows what notes are being played as I'm playing them.

This bit of trickery was pulled off by using Guitar Pro to generate the movie of the Fretboard and then using my brain and sense of rhythm to make sure I play at the correct tempo all of the way through, which more or less works even.

As sorry as this sounds with all of the flubs and uneven dynamics, I'm fairly proud of this one for being the most complex song I've managed to play with an even tempo.

This is an updated version of the file that has been encoded with a new codec and is higher quality (even though it sucks still).